Are you an avid reader looking for something else to spark your interest? Lucky for you, we have asked people in our café what their favorite Wattpad book is! Here’s are their responses.

Love at last sight…My wattpad love… and not his girl are my favorites I finished all of them and they were the first books I ever read on wattpad

“A Tough Love” is my favorite book.

Intertwined by @jerrileekaye is my all time favourite Wattpad book. It is so well-written and the reader feels connected to the story. Intertwined is a rollercoaster ride of emotions and I have to tell you, keep a box of tissues nearby and this book isn’t a light read. You have to get ready to cry, laugh and scream.

I have to many too many to just mention one

The Mafia and His Angel! For starters, the writing is amazing with such beautiful language! To sum it up, the story teaches how all it takes is that single person to make a difference in your life all together. Though they begin as enemies from different mafia groups, various circumstances has brought them together, where a relationship will blossom later on. It’s a bittersweet tale, where they will struggle and suffer, which I thoroughly enjoy about this book. Life’s not all about rainbow’s and butterflies and this book will prove it to you. A rollercoaster of emotions, I must say and as a word of caution, YOU MIGHT CRY. The author does an amazing job with her writin. This story is a MUST READ!!

From: NelaJW
Book: The Bad Boy Stole My Bra
Author: Cherry_Cola_x
Why they liked it: I love “The Bad Boy Stole My Bra” the most!
Fist of all, the very start is just magnificent! I never laught so much because of a story.
Then the characters are brilliant and the story is not less interesting, because it isn’t something you are reading all the time, and that when the writer was only 13 years!
Well… it just stole my heart and soul so you’ll do very well reading it!

F.A.I.T.H.: A Dorm. A Delinquent. A Girl. by JoPRBooks is my absolute favorite Wattpad book. The story is completely different from other books on Wattpad and her writing style is totally her own. The readers learn things before other characters in the story and we’re able to see how each of the different characters will discover the secrets and how they’ll react afterwards. It’s not a typical romance and you become emotionally and mentally invested in the people we read about.

Definitely “have a little hope,” by phoebegardens. It’s a fantastic book that is so well thought out and well written. I recommend it. Or “he wore a hood,” by wordsonfire. It’s a bit sexual and lots of curse words but it’s so so funny 🙂

The Good Girl’s Bad Boys: The good, the bad, and the bullied. It’s well written, the characters and plot are humorous, but it also raises awareness to big issues, such as bullying. It also speaks about the importance of friendship, and avoids most cliches.

Shades of Blue. It is so heartwarming and did what a lot of books couldn’t do and it reached out, because the two characters were so relatable and it all seemed so real. Also it has a happy ending which is really nice.

Michael De Santa: The Diary by ShaunJayden. A GTA V book but written in Michael’s new angle.

“The good girl’s bad boy ..the good , the bad , the bullied .” by rubixcube89201

#Beasty! Kept me on my toes. Don’t know what was going to happen next!

The Leah Riddle series by xxShaylee3xx. Unfortunately the first three books have been taken down and the last one will be off in a few weeks. Some girl saw the book and got angry, threatening to take legal action because the author used her photo for the cover. It’s not making money or being claimed as the author’s so I don’t see why she was so rude about it. Anyways, said girl posted on Facebook about it (with a link to the book) and everyone she knows started bashing the author and threatening to “take all the money she earned from it”. They didn’t even click the link. They didn’t even look to see that it was a completely free writing site. And now the series, my favorite series for three long years, is being taken down. Forever. I’ll never get to read it again. I wish maybe there was a week’s warning so I could go back and read it, but these things are unexpected. I’ve read the series so many times I have every scene pretty much memorized, but that doesn’t mean I won’t miss it. (lol if you use this on the website just use the first sentence haha I went on a rant)

The observations of Patrick Kraker!!! This is one good book you really need to read!

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