Note: must give credits in book description!

Title: Daughter of the Stars
Subtitle: none
Author: Camilla Clarke
People: Astrid and Preston
Mood: Romantic
Plot: She was different. Not quite shy, but not the first to speak either. He was a closet nerd. Not one to show off in class, but still one to get all A’s. When the two are partnered up for an assignment in astronomy and an attraction occurs, will it burn out quickly or will they be a lasting star?
Special: I want stars included 100%

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Title: Not Your Expectation
Subtitle: Come what may, truth will win.
Author: GirlzSparkle
People: Victoria Justice, Louis Grabeel
Mood: Determined, fierce.
Plot: Lisa Brooks is known as #miss. Perfect in her hig hschool, she’s not too popular but belongs to the middle tier of the high school social ladder. Adam Henderson is one of the most popularĀ  guys in Westland High. He is sporty, smart and good looking, when Lisa unknowingly stumbles upon a shocking aspect of Adam’s life she tried to help him out and both of them are eventually thrown into a journey of trust, friendship, love, betrayal and pain as they battle against the society and break barriers to gain justice.

It’s a YA teen-fiction-romance story which touches upon issues like society, law and justice.
Special: I want the cover to have a background of disorder or danger (something like a building going up on flames/ or a blast/ or just flames) and I want the girl (Victoria Justice) to seem like she is coming out of the flames, triumphant/happy and have the guy (Lucas Grabeel) be behind her.

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Title: Lost in Paradise
Subtitle: No Subtitle
Author: Alena Barlock
People: Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, and the OC, Jessa
Mood: Dark most of the time but there are parts that are lighthearted and reminiscent of how Neverland was in the original story
Plot: This is a fanfiction for the TV show Once Upon a Time, specifically for the Neverland/Peter Pan story arc. It takes place quite awhile before that, though. Basically Peter Pan, the villain in this story, is searching for the Heart of the Truest Believer to return magic to Neverland so he can stay young forever. This fanfic takes place during the earlier years of his search, when the first Lost Girl, Jessa, comes to the island and he suspects that she might have the heart of the truest believer. Throughout the story he’s fighting with himself about whether he’s willing to ignore his love for her and sacrifice her to keep his youth or not. Meanwhile Jessa is going through a period of self discovery where she has to come to terms with what brought her to the island, which is her feelings of abandonment, which is why she’s a Lost Girl, and she thinks that accepting her role as the Truest Believer might be her chance to finally be someone who matters.
Special: The Once Upon a Time retelling of the story of Peter Pan is darker and shrouded in mystery, centering around how important magic is to keep Neverland alive. I was looking at a lot of Neverland aesthetics that perfectly summed up the darkness and mystery but also the beauty and magic that Neverland will always have, and that’s what I think the cover should also be like. I’m imagining the jungles of beaches, but I’m also imagining pan pipes and fairy dust, essential symbols of Neverland. Basically dark and mysterious, but beautiful and magical.

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Title: How to ruin your own future
Subtitle: …in just one puberty
Author: Eleanor Diamonds
People: 17 year old girl, her parents, her best friend, boyfriend…
Mood: Sad
Plot: It’s a story about a girl going through a lot of problems and struggling with bulimia. She also suffers from depression and gets pregnant very young and has a lot of problems with her parents.
Special: I would like just one person on the cover. A girl about 17 years old, in a ballet dress and looking very skinny because she suffers from bulimia. The girl should do a ballet move called arabesque and under her leg should be the title, and under the title would be subtitle, just with smaller matters.

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