Josie Lu


This person specializes in a variety if cover types, and can easily do a cover for any type of fictional novel. She can easily make any request of yours come to life, and can turn your vision for a cover into a reality, even though at times she can procrastinate, once she starts something she can get it completed in a short amount of time (depending on the amount of request she gets of course).



She had always been a strange and quiet girl, never fitting in her little world where everyone gave her looks. Blue hair and wide eyes never helped her look. With a goofy laugh and strange sense of humor, the girl who everyone thought they knew was suddenly bluer. In a world where things weren’t so sweet, she learned how to let her spice overpower everything, a bright star in a world full of grey. Strange and unusual at best, Lexy had grown used to being called a bitch. She specializes in all types of covers, but prefers cartoon and people based covers with solid background colors.

Everlasting Everdeen


Meet Everlasting Everdeen, a girl who loves to make covers and has been doing so since Spring of 2016. She specializes in many styles of covers but her main specialty is covers of stories that are deep, meaningful, and usually dark or about characters that have been through a lot. If you are looking for a cover for a story that isn’t all happy and crystal clear, this is the girl to go to. But she also is skilled at making covers for fan fictions and any book of an genre. A fun fact about Everlasting Everdeen is that she wants to not only be an author one day but a professional soccer player.



She’s an absolute bookworm, for printed books, as well as wattpad stories and fanfiction. She’s written her own stories on both wattpad and, and has created her own covers for all of her stories. For this reason, she can do both covers for original stories as well as fanfiction stories. She has all been making covers for about four years now, and will admit that the earlier covers were not so impressive. She has also been writing her own original stories for a few years now, which she has made multiple covers for, and plans to try and have them published as soon as they are complete.



A girl in her late teens who loves to socialize and also someone who will listen to your rants without an uff. She specializes in simple and collage covers. She is whipped by Shawn Mendes and also obsessed with Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.