Tips for New Writers

It’s often been said when learning a new skill that you should learn from someone who knows. I asked advanced writers what their tips for new writers are. Below, over twenty writers have shared their tips! If you’re a new writer, or even just a writer looking to improve, read some of their tips below and you might find some insight!

One struggle you will face, is finding a target fan base. I would say, take your time, think about what your fans like, what you like, and see how that plays out. @cheytaylor1

Tips… Uh, don’t be cliché. Every idea is not a good idea. And write daily. @ananiah14 [insta]

Read books and keep writing @would_rather_be_reading_ [insta]

Stay focused! Dont procrastinate! Set a goal! And let nothing stop your creative flow @Alexandria_G17

Stay organized, research everyhing, but never give up. Theirs days your going to want to pull your hair out because you can’t get something to flow right or sound right. Just take a breather, it will come to you, other days uou won’t be able to stop writing. @kandiea7x [insta]

Don’t force yourself to write. Ever. You write for yourself first, and for everyone else second (I tend to forget this often). If you force yourself you often end up writing scenes you don’t like but post anyway to satisfy others. Also, when you find something you like, don’t be scared to make a whole story out of it. I once wrote a whole entire story because I liked a name I had randomly thought of. Just do what makes you happy 🙂 @fasherwhy [insta]

Just write everyday. Even if it’s only 200 words, just write. You’ll see, within time, how much it’ll help you. @crocodiletears_

Just keep on writing. When you write, you constantly improve yourself. Be active and social. Read, comment, vote and engage in conversations with other Wattpad-ers and you’ll soon have a set of amazing friends, supporters, readers and fans. Oh, and include a suggestive description, titke and a great cover for your book plus an interesting bio for your account. @GirlzSparkle

Write what inspires you write once a day challenge yourself & goals @willwrite4tacos

Write 3-5 chapters before you start updating and when you do update do it at least once a week. @tifftheawesome [insta]

Just start and don’t compare with other writers. Do your thing, love what you do and don’t listen to haters. Learn for yourself, avoid procrastinating. You have to write when you want to learn it. But you have to know: When you want to be a writer you have to do homework every day for the rest of your life. And it’s a good thing. Writing is a way of life. @kim341 [insta]

Keep writing!!! Even if you’re not in the mood or have no idea what to write, just sit down and write/type anything. Keep that ? and zest for writing alive by reading, not just published novels but amateur ones online as well. It’ll push you to write often and better ? @Tegan1311

Be passionate. @Sour_kinz555

Read before you write @cl.os.e.d [insta]

literally just keep writing. it’s usually going to start SHIT!! but you’ll learn!! also read reviews on goodreads of books to see what isn’t working in novels and how to better yourself @inkwashedbrains [insta]

Read more books to help you create something like it! @FlareonFireStone

1)Don’t feel like you have to know where the story is going before you start 2)it’s okay to write out of “order” and put scenes in order later! @thenovelmom [insta]

Never give up! No matter how stupid it may sound to you, it may be something amazing to someone else. If you decide that you don’t want use a story skit now, then put it up for later, you’ll need it. Don’t let others pressure you into writing something other than what you want to right. Write for yourself and forget everyone else. Put a little of yourself in all of your characters, it’ll build the connection. Research! Research! Research! I don’t know how to stress this enough! Research is key, know everything about anything that had to do with your book. Keep your facts straight. The two most important things though, are have fun and love what you’re doing. Writing a book or poem or anything may sound easy but it takes alot of work, don’t let that stop you though, cause when you finally finish it’ll be the happiest days of your life. I say days because that’s how happy you’ll be. Oh, one more thing, it doesn’t matter how many reads or sells or votes your book gets. It doesn’t equate the worth of your book. Don’t compares yourself to others. No one is the same. @drea313