Outlining a Story

“How do you outline a story?”

Here are the responses to this question from all types of writers.

1. Plot.
2. Characters.
3. Setting.
4. Cause and effect.
5. Motivations. @cheytaylor1

1) Characters 2) Write out the main plot 3) Write out s bit of the in-between stuff 4) Just write? @just.keona [insta]

I write down the major plot points and write until I reach one. It may take anywhere from 1-8 chapters between each plot point. @Colbea

I had an idea and I ran with it, I stayed organized with a binder and everything had its place. I knew who I wanted my main cast to be based off. I researched everything, from names to places I wanted my book to take place in to clothes. My only regret is posting the book online before I finished, alot happened between were I am today as a writer and back then, now I’m going to read do the whole book. I lv also wrote a small book for arthors who need help called “Cherry’s guide on how to organize and plan your story.”, it gives you tips, on how I manged my binder and everything else. @kandiea7x [insta]

You need the main storyline. Then think of characters you think might suit it. Then make it up along the way until you reach up to the main scene. @FlareonFireStone

I develop character before anything else – names, ages, and tiny details like what street they live on so I create a kind of cheat sheet for myself to refer back to constantly when I write the story. I add to each character’s cheat sheet as I mention things in chapters too so I don’t forget what I say and make mistakes. Then I think of a plot and develop relationships so the reader really connects with and adores the characters. Then I think of the worst possible thing to happen… and I make it happen. And then I either plan how I can solve the big problem or if I want a sad ending, I plan out what I can do to reinforce what has just happened. ? @fasherwhy [insta]

I get an idea of a scene and write it out immediately then I just go from there. I decide how I want to lead up to that scene and then what I want to happen after. Most of the time I just go with the flow. That way, when a reader asks me “What’s gonna happen next,” I can honestly be like “I don’t know, it’s my first time reading it too.” Lol. Sometimes I start from the ending. That way I know how my stories going to end and where @drea313

I mentally outline the beginning, the main plot, the climax and the ending. Sometimes I write down stuff like characters, their relationship to each other and the plot, significant places and also make a character profile. I fill in the blanks as I write since I get newer ideas then but my beginning, the main plot, climax and ending remain the same with minor changes. @GirlzSparkle

1)storyline 2)the climax 3)the ending 4)the casts @amotione

Extremely painstakingly @emma_the_writer_

I don’t ? I make it up as I go along. Makes it a more fun and enjoyable experience. I’m reading it for the first time as I write it, which is exciting, and I ? that feeling! @Tegan1311

1. Decide what I am writing about, eg school.
2. Decide which of my characters will fit the part best eg Mel and Bryn.
3. Decide what the obstacle is eg fitting in, responsibility and friends.
4. write some main story parts, phrases and situations down to give some things to work towards eg a book with a chapter in it saying useful phrases and situations.
5. decide on a beginning and end, with the problems in the middle leading up to a climax eg when Mel arrives at school and freaks the wits out of her friend and when she….spoilers!
6. Sit down and write what is in my head about the situation in a draft book on Wattpad before finally writing the book, adding and subtracting suitable parts as I go. Other than that, I add scenarios that were not originally in the drafts to add more drama This is what works for me personally. @wolf_mistress_01 [insta]

I seriously figure out characters and cast them (to provide the mental image) and the main plot. Then it’s just write until the end and go back and edit. @sad_masquerade

What I did was figure out the plot twist before anything else. Filled in the plot. Decided how I wanted to make the characters my own (its fanfiction). And then I sat and outlined the specifics of 2 chapters before I got bored and stopped. I still have to figure out some of the nitty gritty @mahimahi2602 [insta]